Things You Wouldn’t Have Believed About President Obama and the 2014 Election


Think back six years to the day President Obama was elected. Tens of thousands gathered in Grant Park in Chicago. There was cheering in the streets across the country. Commentators were breathless and tearful. The president-elect gave an excellent speech. Most Americans exulted at Hope and Change.

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Can America Recover Its Pioneering Spirit?


Americans have good reason to be proud of our country’s many achievements in science and technology. The U.S. is home to Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, and to 16 of the world’s top 20 scientific universities. Many of the essential devices we use every day such as the television, automobile, airplane, internet, personal computer and smartphone were invented by Americans.

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The Gingriches and Ellis the Elephant’s Author in Houston!


While the book signing evening Houston is now over, the children’s series that Mrs. Gingrich created is not only adorable but educational–for both children and their parents–so please read on! Please check out my interview below and the links for more information on the book series as well as Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich’s book tour schedule. Thank you Gingrichs for including Houston in your travels! We love Ellis!!

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Newt and Callista Gingrich Share New Books on Good Morning Texas


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Newt and Callista Gingrich join Carrie McClure on Good Morning Texas on WFAA in Dallas to discuss their new books. Callista discusses her new children’s book, From Sea to Shining Sea, the fourth installment of the New York Times bestselling Ellis the Elephant series, and Newt discusses his new policy book, Breakout.

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