Callista and Newt’s Furry Pal

Callista and Newt’s Furry Pal

August 3, 2011

There was a walking, waving, pink and gray elephant in the room with Callista Gingrich last week and on Wednesday, her husband Newt mentioned the smiling mammal in his newsletter.

So who is this furry creature? David Wu is the wrong answer. Ellis the Elephant is the right one.

Ellis is the star of Callista’s new children’s book, “Sweet Land of Liberty,” set to hit shelves Sept. 26.

According to the Gingrich Productions website, the illustrated book “takes children on an entertaining and educational journey to introduce and explain the greatness of America. Traveling through time, Ellis partakes in the pivotal moments that have shaped our nation’s unique history and character.”

Callista tweeted that Ellis stopped by the Gingrich Productions office last week, along with a few pics. And on Wednesday, the postscript of Newt’s newsletter via Human Events read, “P.S. Look who stopped by our office last week. We think you’ll be seeing more of Ellis soon!”

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