Newt Praises Callista’s Book

Newt Praises Callista’s Book

September 28, 2011

Between debates and media appearances and the usual “I’m running for president” activities, Newt Gingrich is also doing PR for Ellis the Elephant.

Ellis is the furry star of Sweet Land of Liberty, a new children’s book penned by Newt’s wife, Callista Gingrich.

“One of the most exciting events this fall for me personally is the arrival of Ellis the Elephant,” Newt wrote in his weekly letter. Considering the events on his calendar, that’s pretty high praise.

“As you know, I love American history. Having coauthored eight historical novels, I would say finding creative ways to tell the American story has been one of the main objectives of my career… I am convinced that Ellis the Elephant will introduce a new generation of young people to our American history,”
wrote Newt.

And perhaps his most honest endorsement: Sweet Land of Liberty already has a review at Amazon more overwhelmingly positive and glowing than any review I’ve received after writing 24 books.”

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