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Worldwide Speakers Group is proud to serve as the exclusive lecture agent for Newt and Callista Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich

Intellectually fearless and a perennial visionary and historian, Speaker Newt Gingrich is the foremost economic, social, environmental and political thinker in America today. He is well-known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House for the first time in forty years. He has been an inspiring world leader and political vanguard for over three decades, with an uncommon intelligence and solution-oriented perspective that has kept the global discussion lively and productive.

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Callista Gingrich

During the 2012 Republican presidential campaign, Callista Gingrich emerged as one of the conservative movement’s leading female voices. Travelling the country in support of her husband Newt’s presidential bid, she championed the causes of American exceptionalism and religious liberty. In addition to her active role in the 2012 campaign, Callista offers nearly two decades of staff experience in the United States House of Representatives, where she served as Chief Clerk of the House Committee on Agriculture until 2007.

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