Callista and Newt Join Sean on The Sean Hannity Radio Show

Callista and Newt Join Sean on The Sean Hannity Radio Show

The Sean Hannity Radio Show
October 1, 2012

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Sean: You have written your second children’s book, its Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride, its an outstanding book, with the return of Ellis the elephant.

Callista: Well thanks Sean, thanks for having us on this afternoon. We are really excited about Ellis and Land of the Pilgrims Pride. This time Ellis the Elephant discovers how America began as he learns about our thirteen original colonies.

Sean: Yeah, and Newt needs to probably read this to the grand kids or do they know it?

Callista: Well they are very smart, but this a good refresher for anyone.

Sean: You know what is scary is about how little kids know about American history.

Callista: That is absolutely right, actually, a recent study shows that of fourth graders, most couldn’t identify Jamestown as our first English settlement. A majority of fourth graders didn’t know why the Pilgrims came from England, and fewer than a third of all eighth graders could explain why the colonies fought England during the Revolutionary War, so, we have a whole lot of work to do.

Sean: You know what is sad is that for example, on the Fourth of July, I’ll do a man on the street interview, and I’ll ask people, “What day is today…Independence Day…Independence from who?” And I can’t tell you how many people have no clue.

Callista: That’s absolutely right. And learning our American history is so important. It encourages our patriotism, it teaches us key lessons about being American, and it helps us better understand who we are.

Sean: Do you find it hard living with a historian? Or did you find a love for history through Newt? Because every time I would give aspeech with him in the early days since I’ve know him, back in the 1980s when we first met, or 1990, I mean every speech he adds more context and texture as he keeps going through more history that he has learned.

Callista: That is right, he has been a student of history his entire life and I am avid fan of history. But I have to say I have learned a lot, being with Newt over these past several years.

Sean: You notice that not one Newt speech is the same and that he often just uses a napkin. When I’m not with him does he ask you for the napkin, so that he can write down the speech three minutes before he goes up there?

Callista: (laughter) Sometimes, Sean.

Sean: Mr. Speaker, you are not weighing in on any of this.

Newt: Listen, I’m listening in fascination, I have no idea what she is going to say to you, you are going down some rabbit trails that I don’t think I have ever heard her talk about in public. I was kind of as intrigued as you were by what she was going to say. By the way, I do want to say, trying to write history for four to eight year olds so it rhymes and builds around a character of Ellis the Elephant, is I think harder than the books I’ve written, because of the cadence and the process of getting just the right words. I’ve watched her really work to get just the right rhythm so that it would fit the way little kids learn how to read, and get excited. And I’ve seen her reading to school children and have seen them totally absorbed by what is happening and by what is happening in American history. So, it’s quite an art form and very different from anything that I have done.

Sean: Well I’m glad you are doing it, too. I’ve read both of them, and for parents that say, “well how do I teach my kids about history?” Well this a good start, especially to start’em young. And I know you guys are going to be out on a book tour together and thank you both for being with us. It’s Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride, it’s on Amazon, it’s in bookstores everywhere. This will help kids at least start the process of beginning to love the history of this country, so thank you for being with us.

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