Newt Gingrich Picks Florida Governors Race & Callista Gingrich Talks Ellis’ Latest Adventure

Newt Gingrich Picks Florida Governors Race & Callista Gingrich Talks Ellis’ Latest Adventure

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November 3, 2014

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Election Day is tomorrow and former U.S. Representative and 2012 Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich is talking politics.

We asked for his thoughts on the extremely tight governors race here in Florida.

“If I had to pick it I would say that I believe that Governor Scott will win. I just have a feeling that every single day something new happens with Obama…whether it’s Ebola, or it’s ISIS or some other problem and you see his side getting more demoralized and that suggests to me that in the end Crist has a big problem.”

Gingrich is picking current Governor Rick Scott to win despite a poll last week that showed democrat Charlie Crist winning by 3 percent of the vote.

“The Quinnipiac poll I was told by somebody who knows Florida very well…it had an assumption about turnout that favored the Democrats. If it’s right… they’ll be in good shape. But everywhere we look around the country, in the early voting that’s certainly not what you’re seeing anywhere.”

Note that since this interview was recorded on Friday, a new Quinnipiac poll has been released, narrowing Crist’s lead to 1 percent of the vote.

As for the former Republican Governor, turned Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, Gingrich calls the career of Charlie Crist a “soap opera”.

“The choice is between a really good smiler who is also totally undependable and a guy who doesn’t smile as much, but has done a heck of a job at managing the state, creating jobs and doing a pretty good job as governor.”

Newt and his wife Callista will be at the Palm Beach Gardens Barnes and Noble on Friday, signing copies of her new children’s book, “From Sea to Shining Sea“.

She spoke with us about the latest book in her “Ellis the Elephant” series, “From Sea to Shining Sea”.

Book signings:

Friday, Nov 7 @ 6 pm- Barnes and Noble @ Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens

Saturday, Nov 8 @ 4 pm- Barnes and Noble Ft. Lauderdale @ 2051 N. Federal Hwy

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