Christmas in America ~ Review

Christmas in America ~ Review

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December 2, 2015
Erin Amundsen

Christmas in America by Callista Gingrich is a delightful children’s story. This is her fifth book in the Ellis the Elephant series and focuses on teaching children about the history of Christmas in America. Susan Arciero illustrated Christmas in America in fun and vibrant colors with historical landmarks like the Washington monument and significant events in America’s history like our participation in the Battle of the Bulge and Apollo 8’s reading of the Bible on Christmas Eve from space. Christmas in America packs quite a bit of history into a fun story that will entertain and teach all in one sitting.

Our Experience

I had so much fun listening to Riley read me this story. She has learned to love history just like her dad and sister and this was a fun way for her to see how Christmas has been celebrated over the years. She thought it was fun that the story rhymes and has references to God in it. It gave us an opportunity to talk about how blessed America is and how fortunate we are to live here. We were able to discuss some of the different events in greater detail using the resource section at the end of the book.

My Thoughts

I loved the opportunity Christmas in America provided Riley and I to spend together, reading and learning. The story covers some important events in America’s history without providing to much detail but offers the resources at the end to explore further based on the level of the child reading the story. As a homeschooling mom, I appreciate the effort to provide additional information to teach my kids more if they are interested or I think it’s important. I personally love children’s books that are based on actual events and that provide beautiful illustrations that don’t take away from the story line. Overall, I found this book to be a great addition to our holiday book collection and I hope you will too!

Christmas in America is available to purchase on Amazon for $10.27 and I think it is well worth that price. There is also a Kindle version available for $9.76. Hurry and get your copy today!

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