Consulting Services

We offer strategic consulting for pioneering organizations, with special emphasis in the areas of health, learning, and energy.

We believe that America is on the edge of a Breakout. Astonishing technological progress by pioneers of the future has set the stage for one of the most spectacular leaps in human wellbeing in history. But we may never achieve the breakout these pioneers make possible. Powerful prison guards of the past stand in the way to protect the status quo.

At Gingrich Productions, we partner with pioneering organizations to develop strategies to overcome those obstacles that block innovations and trap the American people in the past.

Our Services

Strategic Planning
Over decades of leadership inside and outside of government, we have developed a unique approach to transformation and modernization. Our focus on breakout trends and technologies across multiple industries allows us to develop actionable plans for long term success in a rapidly changing world.

Public Policy Advocacy
We know that advances in science and technology make possible a better life for all Americans, but in industry after industry, we see outdated public policy standing in the way. While we don’t lobby, Gingrich Productions helps clients define their policy goals within this framework. We are dedicated to achieving our clients’ public policy goals because we are selective about who we take on as partners, and we believe in their cause.

Integrated Communications
We take an integrated approach to designing and executing campaigns that shape opinions and decision-making. Our in-house team coordinates our trusted best-in-class communications partners in traditional, online and paid media to achieve the breakthrough our clients need.

Coalition Building
Policy is rarely advanced without many parties advocating change. Gingrich Productions has a unique approach to coalition building which, combined with our extensive network, enables us to foster powerful alliances for our clients.

Political Insights
Our decades of experience in government allow us to provide our clients with unmatched insight into the public policy and political processes, and how it will impact their organizations.

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