Three Steps to Undo Obama Damage To Job Training

Gingrich Productions
February 28, 2017
Newt Gingrich

Job creation is going to require a lot of training for the right skills.

The Obama Administration hated private for profit sector education and methodically set out to destroy it.

There are three actions which are literally destroying the private for profit education sector.

Every day the Trump Administration fails to act schools close and students are left without the training they need to do the jobs we need.

There are three steps the Administration should take immediately:

1. Announce it will make the Department of Education’s Gainful Employment Rule open for review. It is unevenly applied and disproportionately impacting programs in fields which require a period of apprenticeship, as well as in states with lower cost of living.

2. Withdraw the poorly conceived Department of Education Borrower Defense and State Authorization rules, which as designed are merely vehicles for hostile state Attorneys Generals to bankrupt career schools. Instead, develop legislative solutions when the Higher Education Act is reauthorized later this year that protect students who are victims of academic fraud at any school.

3. Instruct the Department of Education’s lawyers to reach a settlement with the accreditor ACICS (which certifies many career schools in America) allowing them the same 12-month period other accreditors get to fix deficiencies. This will give almost 700 career schools and over 250,000 students the opportunity to continue pursuing career education.

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