Learning What it Means to be American


Peter Schramm, the late Professor of Political Science at Ashland University, used to tell a moving story about his immigration to the United States. As a child fleeing communist-occupied Hungary, he asked his father where the family would go. “We are going to America,” his father replied. “Why America?” Peter asked. “Because, son,” his father answered, “we were born Americans, but in the wrong place.”

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My New Novel Is Released: DUPLICITY. Written with Speaker Newt Gingrich!


What happens when the United States’ first woman president chooses politics over national security to help give her struggling re-election campaign a jumpstart?

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House Republicans, Meet Speaker Gillett


Kevin McCarthy’s decision to withdraw from the race for speaker temporarily throws the House Republicans into chaos.

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Charity of the Month: National Breast Cancer Foundation


In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Gingrich Foundation is proud to recognize the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) as its October Charity of the Month.

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