Restoring Trust in America’s Future, From Sea to Shining Sea


It’s time to restore trust in America’s future. And introducing our children to the great history of our country may be a powerful first step. If we can learn the facts of our past achievements it will help us understand that we can solve the problems of today to create an even better future for America tomorrow.

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Callista Gingrich Inspires Kids to Embrace American History


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Callista Gingrich is used to the political spotlight but she is also getting attention and acclaim as a children’s book author.

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Ebola and Big Government


Prominent Democrats have spent much the past few weeks blaming Republicans for the Ebola outbreak, claiming that reductions in federal spending prevented government-funded scientists from discovering a cure for the disease.

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Motherhood Moment Interview with Callista Gingrich


The Ellis the Elephant series is a cute way for children to learn about important historical eventsin our nation. The newest book, From Sea to Shining Sea, takes Ellis the Elephant along the great expedition of Lewis and Clark. He learns about the Louisiana Purchase and how it expanded the United States from thirteen colonies along the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific. He also learns how inventors developed technologies like the steamboat to power America’s expansion.

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