Speaker John Boehner’s Big Week


228-199. 392-37. These two sets of numbers indicate why historians may look back on this as the week Speaker Boehner really began to run the House.

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Could Criminal Justice Reform Create Bipartisanship?


Think fast – what event would bring together Van Jones, Newt Gingrich, “The Wire” and “Homicide” creator David Simon, “Orange is The New Black” creator Piper Kerman, Eric Holder, Rick Perry, the Koch Brothers AND the ACLU in one room?

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Will Congress Reform the Criminal Justice System?


Van Jones likes to call his Republican buddies “brother.” As in Brother Mark (Holden, the general counsel at Koch Industries), or Brother Matt (Kibbe, the CEO of the conservative group FreedomWorks). Jones, a Democratic activist and former Obama adviser, beamed as he strolled the halls of a cavernous Washington hotel Thursday, clasping shoulders and squeezing hands with one unlikely conservative ally after the next. And Jones wasn’t the only one basking in the warm vibes of bipartisanship.

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Cory Booker and Newt Gingrich Want to Redefine What Is Considered a “Violent” Crime


Speakers at Thursday’s Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform in Washington, D.C. — co-sponsored by the ACLU and Koch Industries—have played it safe, using their time at the podium to decry the country’s incarceration rate in general terms, express support for pending legislation that would make the justice system less punitive toward drug offenders, and marvel at the cooperation on display at this conference between Democrats and Republicans.

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