Gingrich: Trump Reminiscent of Reagan During ‘Landmark’ Speech in Poland

Gingrich: Trump Reminiscent of Reagan During ‘Landmark’ Speech in Poland

Fox News Insider
July 7, 2017

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On “Hannity” tonight, Newt Gingrich said that President Donald Trump reminded him of former President Ronald Reagan during his speech in Poland on Thursday.

He explained that just as Reagan challenged the Soviet Union’s communist ideology, Trump declared “radical Islamic terror” an “oppressive ideology” and defended Western values.

“I thought it was very much like Reagan’s 1982 speech at Westminster, which was one of his best speeches,” Gingrich said. “Trump is describing in a way almost no American president has since Franklin Delano Roosevelt that this is a war about civilization.”

He added that Trump’s speech was also remarkable in that it covered an “extraordinary amount” of Polish history, honoring the Polish people, their character and their patriots in a time of shared threats.

“I think from the standpoint of the Polish people, it was enormously heartening to have an American president so decisively with them and so openly tough on communism and about Russia,” Gingrich said.

He also said it was a “landmark” speech that will give people a much better picture philosophically of who Trump is and what he’s all about.

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